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Got Team Manager
Incredible Features - plus many more...
Group Finances
Group Finances
Got Team Manager has the best - award winning - method to enter and track the finances for everyone in your team/group. This is by far the easiest way to collect and inform your group of money that has been collected, money owed and money that has been paid.
Group Text Messaging
Send Text Messages
Where would we be without cell phones! Most all of us communicate via txt messages so no problem - Got Team Manager provides a one button push to send a text message to all or part of your group.
Online Payments
Online Payments
Does your group want to pay with a credit card. No problem - just click on the button and setup online payments through PayPal allowing your group to pay with any major credit card.
Group Finances
Group Calendar
Keep track of every event with the group calendar. The people in your group can even be notified the day before so they will not forget.
Group Finances
Send Group Emails
Wouldn't it be nice to press one button and all your group gets a text message and/or email message. We're all about making your lives easy.
Group Finances
Your Information is Secure
All your information is protected by your username and password. NO other person besides the team/group leader can view your information without your username and password. Your information is protected.

The easiest way to Manage
Your Team or Group
Manage. Track. Communicate
Send UNLIMITED text messages
Manage the finances easily for each person
Communicate with your group automatically
See who is available
Teams. Parents. Groups.
Each person can log into & view their own account
Manage Group Events
Make Online Payments
More Benefits...
Roster Manage Group Finances
Calendar Send e-invoices
Who's Bringing Food Manage Group Events
Email Messages Accept Online Payments
Unlimited Text Messages Import Roster
Manage Group Events Team Home Page
Data Security Plus Many More Features...