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In 2007, the coach of my daughter's soccer team asked if I would be willing to be the team accountant and handle all the financial affairs for the team.  Being a nice guy who was more than willing to help out, I volunteered for the job, quite unaware of the pitfalls of being the team financial manager.  After all, I'm a smart guy.  I'm organized.  I know a few things about being a leader.  The account had been managed using a paper system that was transferred to Microsoft Excel.  I continued to use the same method.  It didn't take me long to realize that I had been snookered.  The job required much more time than I had expected and the parents on our team avoided me at all cost.  Somehow, the financial communication between them and myself became increasingly strained, even though I knew that I was still a nice guy.

So, I said to myself, "self, you're still a smart guy.  And you've been a software engineer for years.  You can certainly come up with something better than this."  Two years later, you now look at the results of input from several Team Managers and Parents.  It is our hope that you will benefit from our experience and the product so many people have helped create.  Your comments and suggestions are appreciated.  May your experience as a team manager and/or team financial manager be a smooth one!

Thank you for your time and I am sure you will enjoy using Got Team Manager as much as I do.

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